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"It's not just what you create, but why you create it"


A product 10 years ago would have been brought to market and advertised in the traditional ways of newspaper ads, magazine spreads, billboards, radio and bus ads. These days with the advances of modern technology and digital marketing, we can seemingly bring a product to market and begin generating sales with something so simple as a post or influencer review.


Here at Mother HQ, we wanted to create brand awareness for our own agency/ community of freelance mothers and decided to create our own little bit of mothers ruin.

Instead of paying for ads, radio air time or print, we wanted to put our brand in the places were most people socialised these days; restaurants, bars, events, Instagram, and set the ball in motion to launch on Mothers Day 2019.

After creating our very own unique recipe we worked with a local distillery to create our perfect taste including; Cherry Blossom, Lemon with a hint of Lavender. Handcrafted together to toast to the celebration of life and the joy that is motherhood (that's if you're lucky enough survive it!)

Ultimately, Mothers Gin is a timeless metaphor of life and our reminder to enjoy every single moment of it because, as every mum knows, our babies aren’t little for long.